2D Animation/ Concept Art/ Character Design
Freelance Artist
Comissions: OPEN
Requests: CLOSED


Prices for one character
Extra character + 60%
Background starts at +20 euros!
Anime style is CELL SHADED
Colored Sketches are +10 for greyscale, +15 for normal flats


Original styleAnime StyleSKETCH
37 euros_25 euros-15euros

Bust backgrounds are free as long as they are simple. More complex ideas are to be charged.


Original styleAnime StyleSKETCH
52 euros_35 euros-20 euros


Original styleAnime StyleSKETCH
67 euros_45 euros-25 euros


1 pose2 poses3 poses
Bnha style506585


Starts at 100 euros and can go up depending on the complexity of the design.Initial price includes a full and flat colored turn around

Terms of Service

General Info:•All the artwork is for personal uses ONLY. In case of commercial use please state right away so that prices may be discussed.
•I only start working after full payment is received
•Payment thorough paypal and in EUROS.
•Every artwork has my watermark, please don't take it out.•I can provide a png version without a background if asked for it.•State the style you want on your commission, otherwise I will go with my own. (Example: In case you want BNHA style, etc)•If you upload the artwork on another platform please credit me. My name is the same in all of my social media plataforms.•I have the right to decline your commission if I don't feel comfortable.•I work with visual references only, unless it's a custom design.•Complex designs cost +30%•I'm open to making changes and adjustments in the sketch phase, after lining any major changes will have an additional cost. Minor changes as color adjustments and such are free of charge.•I will keep you updated with the commission process.•Please keep in mind that I have other assigments or work to complete so your commission can take a month to be finished!•Please use the commission form provided.•Commissioning means you have read and accept my terms of service.

DO'S:Anime/Manga fanart, with proper reference (female/male characters)
Original characters
Canon characters
OCxOC, OCxCanon-this includes LGTQ+ couples!
Some NSFW, please ask me first
DON'T 'S:Realism
Extreme gore


As the artist, I hold every right to the produced drawing, unless commercial use is discussed and payed for.Therefore I´m allowed to use the copyrighted artwork to promote myself, display it and post it wherever I want.


•Type: Sketch/Full Art(Bust, Half Body, Full Body,..)
•Style: - Anime style Or Original Style (can currently imitate BNHA, KNY and OP)
•Character: (you can include a little paragraph with their personality and likes! I enjoy getting to know a bit of your character!)
•Reference: (as many as you like, you can also include pose refs)•Additional detail: (expressions, things that I shouldn't miss)•Background: Yes/ No -If Yes specified what you want with refs otherwise I would do a simple one.•Paypal email: (for invoice)